Need a glimpse of the past? Discover favorite confections from childhood. Imagine enjoying the flavors Abba Zabba, Bit O Honey, Charleston Chew, Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy,  Mary Janes, and many more once again!



Surprise, surprise its not all candy. Explore the possibilities of a Garden Bon-Bon, a Confetti Mug or Bathtub Truffles. Gifts to satisfy all occasions, plus unique keepsakes and curiosities for your home or office!



Have a “POPPING Good Time” with fun flavors like Cinnamon Toast, Caramel, Fruit Medley, Cheddar Cheese, and of course classic Kettle Corn.  Why settle for plain ol’ plain popcorn when multicolored munchies await you at BUTTONS!

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Tasty things are afoot at Buttons…

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“Buttons is amazing! I can’t get enough of their Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups… Decadent and delicious!  The staff is super-friendly, and has a great neighborhoody vibe – I would know; I grew up in Noe Valley!  Fantastic little store.”


I can’t believe you have Pearson’s Nut Goodies! I grew up in Minneapolis and this was my favorite candy. I’m now 61 years young and my mom still sends me a case of these each Christmas. When she comes to visit next month – I’m going to bring her in to Buttons! She won’t believe her eyes.

Thank you, now I don’t have to wait till Christmas for this amazing candy bar!

William S.
William S.St. Paul, MI

This store is adorable! Not only do they have great candy but also cute gifts. I picked up a gift card for my nephew’s birthday and some bath tub truffles for my sister. This place is as cute as a Button! So fun!

Catherine B.
Catherine B.San Francisco, CA

My name is Mary Jane – I know! As it turns out I really do love those little bite sized peanut butter taffy candies called Mary Janes! I was so excited to see them at Buttons Candy Bar. Now I can drop in and pick up just a few and reminisce.

Mary Jane
Mary JaneSan Francisco, CA

I don’t even remember what I bought! All I know is that the woman who works behind the counter in this store is the most lovely person! She was so friendly, bubbly and helpful. She talked about candy and was genuinely excited by my purchases. She had a contagious giggle.

What a great shopping experience! I’ll be back for sure – if only to get a dose of that wonderful personality!

Left Smiling
Left SmilingSan Francisco

I’m originally from Denmark and I love black licorice!  This shop has a great selection!  Everything from Double Salts to Finnska and then some.  It may require a weekly visit!  Skaal!

ErikThe Mission, SF

I really appreciate Buttons Candy Bar’s list of nut free and gluten free candy.  I put together some candy bags to celebrate my child’s birthday in his classroom.  There are so many nut allergies these days.  Buttons was so great in helping me select the best candies for these goodie bags!  The kids loved them!  Thank you guys!  It made for a very Happy Birthday!

3rd Grader’s Mom
3rd Grader’s MomSan Francisco

I was going home (to NY) for Christmas and picked up a bag of goodies for my plane ride plus a bag for my dad who loves candy.  I found some of his classic favorites at Buttons!  However, they never made it to NY!  It wasn’t a problem because I just came right back in and bought some more!  This time I’ll mail them home!  Guess that apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

IrresistibleNew York City